Talks and Publications


I am committed to sharing my story of Intimate Abuse of Trust and the journey to Release. I believe in the importance of communicating to others that a fulfilled, rich and connected life is possible despite experiences of Intimate Abuse of Trust.

I am seeking platforms to communicate this empowering concept and am available for talks and events, written contributions to publications and media engagements


Time to Release is preparing to publish the first book!

I feel so honoured to know Kerry and to witness her journey. This book has touched, moved and inspired me. Her words, emotions and descriptions will bring understanding, healing and motivation to many others. Her ability to describe and move beyond circumstances from her past are a guiding light for countless others who have experienced similar situations.” Beth Creedon, Life Coach

The publication, titled ‘Time to Release’ is a collection of experiences and explorations about the 6 stages from trauma to release, Panic, Control, Creativity, Give Receive and Need, Release.  Drawing on Kerrys personal experience of childhood sexual abuse,  the book communicates the transformational power of creativity and personal development to achieve release. This will be available in January from Amazon and you can see a preview here!


If you would like to pre-order there is a special price of £7.99 please email for details.

The second publication, due out in June 2017 will be a collection of creative worksheets, based on the the 6 stages from Trauma to Release, offering experiential activities and sensory experiences.