Kerry Bertram

We are here together.  Before I tell you about me I want to acknowledge you and thank you for joining me. Time to Release is developing in real time, a real journey, yours as much as mine. I hold a powerful beliefs for us, lets explore together?    I know we can harness our resilience, empathy, intuition and power- all things we have developed through our experience.

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I am a speaker, a workshop leader, a supporter and collaborator.  I know we can harness our resilience, empathy, intuition and power- all things we have developed through our experience. 

My motivation for Time to Release includes my own experience of childhood sexual abuse and experiences of emotional manipulation. Alongside the sheer number of people directly affected by this experience and the lack of recognition that this jagged damaging experience, can be overcome and released in beautiful and inspirational ways.

Complete awareness and rich exploration.  I believe in a         multi-sensory approach to releasing pain and developing inclusive understanding of ourselves. Listen, Savour, Touch, View.

Our experience is not negative, of course the specifics were negative but we can instead, engage in exploration, though it may be difficult and emotional. The pleasure, power and beauty of what comes afterwards is our motivator.  We do not have to hold on to this, we do not have to continue the cycle of pain for ourselves and in our relationships.  Lets build an empowering, inspiring and creative new story, borne from the seed of our traumatic experiences.

My background is in community arts management, I currently coordinate a project for an amazing charity, Cartwheel Arts, called Art for Wellbeing.  In Art for Wellbeing we work on creative and development projects for people with mental health experiences. I am involved in a number of cooperatives, enterprises and projects that value exploration, creativity and sharing.  My most beautiful moments involve learning and developing with others.  I have two small boys who teach me love and playfulness.  My inspiration has always been intertwined with threads of community, shared experience, giving, the scariness of needing and joy of receiving.

Id love to hear where you are exploring today…