Inner Studio

I have a studio space. It’s filled with resources and inspiration. In the studio I can create. Teachers and artists, books and music surround me. I can access it anytime and spend as long as I wish there. I invest in this creative space, its comfortable yet stretches my imagination.  But this isn’t a physical … Continue reading Inner Studio


The sweet spot between Q & A

Where do I thrive?  My initial 'off the top of my head' answers didn't feel quite right, so I'm going to revisit the question here and offer the question to you, Where do you thrive? I was at a creative and nourishing workshop (Details below) and was asked this question.  I answered but the question kept … Continue reading The sweet spot between Q & A

The Wayfinder

Did you know there is forward movement, hidden in your past? Did you know your pain has all the answers, ready to be pulled out? Did you know that only you can access this, enjoy the process and enable release?   Imagine if there was a path, you could walk along that would allow you … Continue reading The Wayfinder