Home Alone

Long time quiet here, but today I was asked by someone who knows me well, for my advice on getting comfortable at being at home alone. Being asked the question made me realise both how far I've come since starting Time to Release and how the same issues still come up for me, all be … Continue reading Home Alone


It didn’t go as planned…

I started a new job last Monday, when I say started I mean I did half a day then me and the kids got struck down by some evil super sickness bug grrrrr…. I was super prepared for the job, felt like id ended my previous job well on the Friday and had turned up … Continue reading It didn’t go as planned…


'Endings' Questions.... how do I feel about endings?  What do 'good' endings feel like?  Can an initially scary or painful ending be transformed? Is there a recommended path in this?! Ive had a number of endings this year and each one i've struggled with for different reasons.  I want to be honest here about how i've felt about … Continue reading Endings

Sensory, September

Ideas list for a Sensory September! On the first 3 days of this month I enjoyed some delicious sensory experiences. I feel that bodily experiences, incorporating taste, texture, aroma, sound and views can nourish, help us connect body with mind and build evocative memories. So here is my list of 30 simple, seasonal sensory experiences … Continue reading Sensory, September