It didn’t go as planned…

I started a new job last Monday, when I say started I mean I did half a day then me and the kids got struck down by some evil super sickness bug grrrrr….

I was super prepared for the job, felt like id ended my previous job well on the Friday and had turned up on the Monday early and enthusiastic! I’d worked hard and at full capacity in the lead up and expected my body to follow through for me without resting in between. My mind was excited but if I’m honest I was feeling the effects of stress in my body. I was feeling the emotion of leaving work and people I loved, the pressure of starting again and the physical tiredness of pushing myself and not feeling I could ‘turn off’

Then the bug hit. I get it is just a bug, people get sick, everyone understands and the new colleagues were understanding. When there are kids involved they have to come first and when you yourself cant get out of bed you come first too and work has to wait!

I’m actually pleased that I was too ill to really feel much guilt or worry about what first impression I was making, worries which would usually have made me push on.

Now I’m nearly recovered I’m starting to contemplate how I feel about it not going as planned, and even see the humour in this. I appreciate that it’s only been a bug and something that passes, that I don’t have any health worries that might make this a usual situation for me. I’m resolutely not going to worry and instead put my energies into feeling great on Monday morning, ready to face the week with a fresh start.

It’s a good reminder of self-care as I start this new job, that I need to listen to my body. I’m sipping my ‘wellbeing tea’ from my lovely new mug bought as a leaving pressie. I hope I’ve learned this lesson, so illness doesn’t wipe me out next time and I can slow down a bit at the first sign of needing a break!!



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