Sensory, September

Ideas list for a Sensory September! On the first 3 days of this month I enjoyed some delicious sensory experiences. I feel that bodily experiences, incorporating taste, texture, aroma, sound and views can nourish, help us connect body with mind and build evocative memories.

So here is my list of 30 simple, seasonal sensory experiences to try!

  1. Bare feet in the waters edge
  2. Pebble gathering
  3. Stewed pears with cinnamon
  4. A hill scramble with a view reward
  5. Wellie walking in the rain and mud
  6. Counting stars on a clear night
  7. Making aromatherapy bath concoctions
  8. Pouring dried beans into glass jars
  9. Sizzling crisp greens in a hot pan with garlic
  10. A crackling bonfire
  11. Lighting all the candles I own for an electricity free evening
  12. Recording then playing the sounds of a woodland walk
  13. Simmering plums into unctuous jam
  14. Making sensory salt, layered with crushed rosemary
  15. Stitching together old fabrics to create a new textured throw
  16. Hanging stones with holes to make a tactile light-pull
  17. Sleeping with my window wide open
  18. Sitting on a rock in the middle of the river
  19. Listening to soulful mantras in the wind
  20. Picking blackberries and swirling into cream
  21. Making tree bark rubbings
  22. Watching a raindrop race down a window pane
  23. Bat watching at dusk
  24. Smoothing rosehip oil onto skin
  25. Observing the moon and describing in minute detail
  26. Gently washing winter woolens by hand
  27. Brisk early morning walks
  28. Pickling tiny carrots with vinegar, salt and molasses
  29. Climbing a tree for an up high photoshoot
  30. Resting in the autumn sun until darkness falls



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