‘I was here’ collections

Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 10.43.01Over the summer I’ve been travelling around a little with day trips and family visits and I’ve been making little monuments, artworks with natures treasures, piles of stones, gathered leaves and fallen berry arrangements.

It feels good to engage in a little natural making, create something that exists transiently and to find resources with whats around us.  I like the idea of someone coming across my littleand wondering, it makes me smile to think of an animal coming across a group of nuts and berries and I even like the idea of someone unknowingly walking through my carefully arranged twigs and creating a new arrangement!


Most of all I like that i n creating these little things, I marked a place in time, a moment for myself.  I made a small memory of that particular time and place and what I chose to be doing at that specific point.  I think my memories of those places will be stronger because I engaged with the environment, and was present in the space.

Maybe try making some natural collections when you visit somewhere new!


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