Mini Release Challenge!

Here is a mini release you can try right now!


Doing things the same was, having the same experiences can feel safe and secure. You know the outcome and even if that outcome isn’t great, it can be comfortable.

The word release evokes a feeling of difference, a positive separation between a feeling and a different feeling.

So a really simple way to create a mini release is doing something tiny and different. This isn’t planning a big release, this is a little change to create a mini moment of release.

This morning I had a bath instead of a shower, small change but I loved the nourishing feeling of it. If I usually had a bath, a shower might feel like a refreshing release!

  • Breakfast outside
  • Wearing something a little different
  • Listening when you would usually chat
  • Making a call instead of listening to a podcast
  • Doodling your notes instead of typing them

Tiny things!

So if you want to try having a mini release, get mindful and present. I challenge you to recognise the next action, which you would usually automatically take and switch it up a tiny bit.

THEN take notice of how you feel!

By noticing how you feel you get to carry that feeling of the mini release through your day.  So in my example I get to carry the feeling of being clean and nourished through the day-lovely!

 I’d love to hear about your mini releases!


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