What did you see?

Yesterday I shared a beautiful afternoon and evening with The Dragonfly Collective, a womens circle I am part of, who meet every full moon to share our gifts and delight in our collective. It was the groups 2 year birthday and we took part in some powerful activities themed around ‘connection’.

One of these was an eye-gazing and breathing exercise, followed by a version of a dyad (see links below) with the question….What did you see?

I wanted to share with you, what I saw. As I looked into the other woman’s eyes, with a focused gaze and we breathed in together, I had a strong sense of breathing in energy, allowing it to become infused with love and breathing out a soft white mist. I felt ‘saw’ this white mist engage and intermingle with my partners breath and energy, creating a new connected energy between us.

When I tried to hold onto to this ‘mist’ it evaporated and I began to trust in the breath and gazing, through trusting this I allowed into to come again. When the other woman’s focus and trust was also present we were able to create that magic energy between us. Moving to the next woman and repeating the process 4 times, was exciting! Each time I felt something new and different being created together as our breath and energy blended, danced together then dissipated ready for the next natural breath to flow.

I love this kind of experience and although it may seem a little ‘out there’ if you haven’t tried this before, I highly recommend! This was beautifully facilitated by Kalpa and Mika, here are some links that explain the eye gazing and dyad processes.

 Eye Gazing




 Image from: http://www.energyofbreathinstitute.com



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